Standard Home Inspection

Includes Foundation, basement & under floor areas, exterior, roof covering, attic area & framing, plumbing, electrical, heating & cooling, garage, fireplaces & chimneys and building interior.

Standard Condo/ Townhome Inspection

Condo & Townhome inspections include all of the above with exception of roof, building exterior and anything shared with other units ie: water heaters, parking garages, or anything that is covered by the HOA

Limited Home Inspection

Specific areas only that the client has requested to be inspected.

Pre Listing Inspection

Same as a standard Home Inspection and/or Condo/Townhome Inspection, as listed above.

Scope of Inspection

• Grounds
• Structural Systems
• Exterior Surfaces
• Roof
• Exterior Rooms
• Interior Rooms
• Attic & Crawl Spaces
• Bathrooms
• Smoke & Carbon Monoxide
• Basement
• Kitchen & Appliances
• Heating & Cooling System
• Plumbing
• Electrical
• Water Heater
• Drainage Systems

Note: This list is representative, but NOT exhaustive.